where spirits are sparkly, not spooky!

“Hollywood and Halloween have created “Spooky” Ghosts and Ghouls that are “scary,” but connecting with the spirit of your loved ones is just the opposite…loving, happy and bright!

Join some of the best Mediums, Psychics, Channelers, Medical & Energy Intuitives, and Reiki Masters from White Light Workers at our “Sparkly not Spooky”  HAPPY- Happy Halloween, where we will deliver loving messages from spirit and those closest to you, living or deceased, and provide insight and guidance into your life and what’s in store for you.

$50 admission;  Includes for each person:

] Gallery Assembly: Introduction and Education on How and Why Spirits Communicate and that they are not ‘scary’ (Gallery assembly begins promptly at 1pm)

] Group Relaxation Meditation

] Group Psychic/Medium Gallery Reading – 1 question per guest in the Gallery forum (all 6 Readers can respond)

] Reiki Healing for each guest, as a group

After the Gallery Assembly, each guest is free to meet with our White light Workers one on one and will receive:

] 1 FREE mini PERSONAL one on one reading with ONE White Lightworker Reader of your choice, (Longer private readings are an additional fee for each reader)

] A chance to purchase additional longer personal readings, on-site, with any of the Readers, at a DISCOUNTED fee for that day only.

] A coupon for 20% off any future readings/appointments that are booked that day with any of our Readers.

Pre-Register and Book Your Reader TODAY! (bios for Readers)https://unitychurchinthegardens.com/event/happy-happy-halloween-event/

Call Janet at 954-421-6655 or email Janet@sparties.com

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